Why onion has become the “new gold” in Nigeria

Onion is one of the most commonly consumed vegetable crops in the world and widely eaten by Nigeria, as there is hardly a local Nigerian dish that does not require the use of onions in its preparation. 

  • In Nigeria, onion is grown mostly in Northern states like Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Sokoto, Plateau, Bauchi, and Kebbi State. 
  • There are different varieties of onions, which include red, white, and yellow onion. The red is the most common one in Nigeria and it is of great commercial value to its farmers. 

According to Shehu – a major Onion trader at the Mile-12 market, he said the sudden increase in the price of local fertilizers has affected the price of Onions and many other farm products. He said, “sometime last year, we do import the fertilizers that we use. However, we are now forced to use local fertilizers since the ban on importation, which has now increased the price significantly.” 

He also said that truck drivers are afraid to convey goods from the North down to the South, as armed robbers have been attacking and stealing from them on the road ever since the FG disbanded the Special Anti-robbery squad (SARS). He urged the FG to mobilize members of the NPF and the Nigerian Army to help curb the menace perpetrated by these robbers. 


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    More money more farmers

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      A very good development

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