Vegetables, an important part of our daily diet

Vegetables form an important part of our daily diet; the market is crammed with varieties of vegetables. They are naturally good and contain lots of minerals and vitamins. They help in protecting our body against cancers, diabetes and heart diseases.

Almost all the vegetables are low in fat and calories, none has cholesterol, and many of them are great sources of fiber. The high levels of fiber in vegetables keep the digestive system healthier; allowing you to avoid issues with constipation. Since they are low on calories, it enables us to eat lots of vegetables

The presence of many vitamins and other substance in vegetables provide nutrients to the body. Vegetables provide essential amino acids that body needs to survive. A simple meal of spinach, beans, and whole grain rice is a great way to treat your body right. This give us a natural feeling of liveliness and the energy to become more active helping to burn more energy each day. Vegetables also add wonderful flavours to your diet.

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